Our Targets

We are combining our proprietary platform and drug discovery expertise to build an extensive pipeline of small molecule inhibitors targeting novel enzyme families, with our initial efforts focused on monoPARPs.

MonoPARPs play important roles in regulating the stress responses that enable cancer cell survival, and emerging science has linked monoPARP activity with disease development. There are 12 distinct monoPARPs that function across a variety of stress responses, giving monoPARP inhibitors great potential for activity in a broad range of therapeutic areas. In oncology, these targets offer new treatment opportunities in a wide range of tumor types, as both monotherapies and in combination settings.

These targets enable Ribon to build a portfolio of novel therapeutics across multiple indications to increase treatment options for patients.

Future Targets

“Ribon is well-positioned to carry out its mission. Our platform, which is focused on novel enzyme families activated under cellular stress conditions, enables us to develop first-in-class therapeutics targeting a wide variety of enzymes that use NAD+ as a substrate.”

Kevin Kuntz, Ph.D., Vice President of Molecular Discovery, Ribon Therapeutics

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