Our Approach

Ribon is pioneering the development of first-in-class therapeutics targeting enzyme families that are activated under cellular stress conditions. We explore novel areas of disease biology and use our expertise in drug discovery to develop new and effective treatments for patients with high unmet need.

Our focus on gaining a deep understanding of disease biology and unexplored enzyme families allows us to make well-informed decisions as to which targets are best suited for drug discovery. Ribon’s proprietary platform combines our expertise in mechanistic biochemistry and structural biology to design potent and selective small molecule inhibitors for each enzyme in the target family. Combining these tools with our unique suite of in vitro and in vivo disease models provides us with the ability to identify and confirm how stress pathway enzymes drive disease progression.

This enables Ribon to:

  • Prioritize target enzymes for drug discovery efforts based on vigorous mining of all “omics” data on diseased tissues and analysis of internal and external genetic screens
  • Elucidate the function of targets with undefined biology, such as monoPARPs, in disease settings
  • Develop highly selective therapies against these targets and test them via our proprietary novel assays and reagents
  • Evaluate therapies in relevant disease models and focused clinical trials in defined patient populations

“A deep understanding of the pathways that contribute to human disease are at the core of our drug discovery efforts at Ribon Therapeutics.”

Victoria Richon, Ph.D., President and CEO, Ribon Therapeutics

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