Co-Op, Biochemistry and Biophysics for Master’s or Ph.D. Students

Ribon is pioneering the development of first-in-class therapeutics targeting enzyme families that are activated under cellular stress conditions. We explore novel areas of disease biology and use our expertise in drug discovery to develop new and effective treatments for patients with high unmet needs.

Our focus on gaining a deep understanding of disease biology and unexplored enzyme families allows us to make well-informed decisions as to which targets are best suited for drug discovery. Ribon’s proprietary platform combines our expertise in mechanistic biochemistry and structural biology to design potent and selective small-molecule inhibitors for each enzyme in the target family.

Based on its platform, Ribon is creating a pipeline of innovative medicines that selectively target monoPARPs to treat cancer and may have the potential to impact other diseases. Each member of the Ribon team positively impacts our mission to improve patient’s lives. Ribon is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Duration: 6 months, Jan 2022- Jun 2022, 40 hours/week

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop and optimize plate-based assays and high throughput screens across different target classes.
  • Perform hit validation from screening efforts and determine the mechanism of action of inhibitors using various Biochemical and Biophysical assays.
  • Determine selectivity of compounds within target families and across other targets.
  • Screen inhibitors to drive internal structure-based drug design.
  • Analyze and summarize data, and communicate results to the team.


  • Master’s or Ph.D. student in Biochemistry or a relevant field.
  • Experience in working with 96 and preferably 384-well plates.
  • Familiar with recombinant enzymes and proteins and Enzyme kinetics.
  • Familiar with general biochemical and kinetic-based assay technologies Such as colorimetry, Fluorescence (FP and TR-FRET), and Luminescence.
  • Excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills in a collaborative work environment.
  • Comfortable with working in a fast-paced small company environment.

If you are interested in joining Ribon’s team, please email your resume to [email protected]

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